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My name is Kyle. I’ve recently been accepted into a PhD program in Old Testament studies at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). I have a M.Div. degree from Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis), B.A. degrees in History and French from Seattle Pacific University, and an A.A. degree in Arabic from the Defense Language Institute (Monterey). I have recently been elected for ordination as a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, and am applying for the Navy Reserve Chaplaincy. My interests include theology, apologetics, and science & faith.

Theologically, I’ve been all over the map. As an infant I was baptized Roman Catholic, then I was raised in a Foursquare church, then I attended a Free Methodist university, then I became an agnostic, then an atheist, and finally a Reformed evangelical Christian. Having always had a rather analytical mind, I am very familiar with the experience of doubt. Sometimes my doubts have led me astray (as during my three-year foray into agnosticism/atheism), but I have also found that doubt can be a powerful tool in shaping and strengthening one’s faith. The goal of my blog is to think critically about matters of faith, in order to bring myself and others into a more mature understanding of what it means to follow Christ.


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  1. Larry Chambers | Reply

    Kyle, this is the kind of stuff I love. A friend shared it on FB but I do not see a place to join your blog to get regular postings. Can anybody join?

    Larry Chambers

    1. Hi Larry, you should be able to follow it by pasting the link in your RSS feed, or by adding it to the list of blogs you follow (if you use WordPress).

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